Becky Palmer

Chief People, Nursing & Health Professions Officer

“As a nurse, I think about our patients and families, and what we ought to be doing as practitioners and leaders to create a system of care that is truly transformed, a system in which everyone feels seen, heard, understood, welcomed and safe. And while I know great strides have been taken towards this, I acknowledge that we still have a way to go. I humbly position myself as a learner and make a daily commitment to not only learn more but seek to understand and advance truth and reconciliation in all aspects of health care.  I believe it is our shared accountability and responsibility to create a climate for change and cultivate and champion action!”.

With over 30 years of nursing experience, and almost 20 years of senior executive experience – including with FNHA, BC Children's Hospital and BC Women's Hospital – Becky is a dynamic, collaborative, and respected senior executive health care leader in BC.

Becky has a PhD in Nursing from UBC, a Master's in Nursing and Nurse Midwife from the University of Alberta as well as numerous professional awards and distinctions.

Becky has a passion for strategic compassionate leadership, learning, professional practice/policy, coaching, quality, and systems transformation in academic and health care organizations and systems. She is an internationally recognized professional with extensive experience leading change within complex and transformative systems. She has a proven track record of leading high-performing teams, achieving strategic goals and redesigning systems for optimal outcomes.​

BC's health care sector is facing new and unprecedented challenges as we emerge into a post-COVID world. Providence is moving forward as an organization with a visionary strategic plan for the future, which includes focusing on people through health care redesign, staff recruitment and retention, professional development, staff wellness and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. In this transformational role for Providence, Becky will oversee an integrated portfolio – i.e. human resources, nursing and professional practice – and play a key role in creating innovative solutions to deal with the changing dynamics in health care, while embracing quality, safety, inclusivity and professional excellence in a continuously learning environment for staff. This includes the planning, delivery and implementation of information systems used in both the clinical and people services environment, ensuring that we adopt and enhance clinical and human resources information systems.​