Practice Consultants & Patient Care Manager

Carrie Edge

Practice Consultant: Education Strategy

Carrie brings an abundance of experience in clinical education, including specialty education, students, perioperative, new grad transition and more.  As the Practice Consultant for Education Strategy, Carrie is part of a team who are accountable for the quality and outcomes of education programs offered to employees at Providence Health Care (PHC). Examples of these programs include; staff orientation; nursing skills lab; and the educator pathway program. The Education Strategist also assists in the design, delivery and evaluation of nursing practice changes and assisting with future educational strategies.


Eduardo Naranjo

Practice Consultant: Scope and Workforce Optimization (Allied Health)

Eddie holds five degrees (BN, BPT, MPT, MSc, DPT) and is an experienced practitioner, researcher, and educator. He is a Physiotherapist and practiced for many years in Spain, where he is from, before moving to Canada 12 years ago to expand his education and career. Prior to taking on the role of Practice Consultant for Scope & Clinical Workforce Optimization and Design, he was the Practice Consultant for Allied Health for a brief period of time, where he provided support to all Allied Health disciplines and managed the Simulation Program. In his current role, Eddie utilizes the broad knowledge gained over his 26 years of experience in many fields in supporting professional practice and responding to scope questions, as well as in assessing, planning and evaluating clinical workforce optimization opportunities and models of care.



Riley Louie

Practice Consultant: Allied Health Education Strategy

As the Practice Consultant for Allied Health Education Strategy, Riley supports the development, implementation, quality, and outcomes of education programs offered to allied health employees at Providence Health Care. Examples of these programs include new entrant transition-to-practice and simulation. The Allied Health Education Strategist can also assist in the design, delivery, and evaluation of practice changes, education events, and other new initiatives. Riley is a physiotherapist by training, having worked previously for Providence in 2013 and returning in 2021, and holds a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from UBC. 



Vanessa Lewis

Practice Consultant: Patient and Family Centred Care

Vanessa started at PHC in 2012 as a Clinical Dietitian and then Program Coordinator for the BC Home Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Programs. Vanessa has a Master of Health Administration from UBC. 

Vanessa is the leader for the Care Experience strategic direction which is the key avenue for bringing patient- and family-centred care into all of the work done at Providence Health Care. She is responsible for ensuring patients, residents and families experience culturally safe, socially just, patient and family centred care across the organization. This work aims to create mutually beneficial partnerships between care providers, and patients, residents, and families. This approach has been shown to lead to better health outcomes and greater patient, resident and family experience.



Isabel Diogo

Practice Consultant: Medication Safety and Pharmacy Nursing

“Technically the biggest safety system in health care is the minds and hearts of the workers who keep intercepting the flaws in the system and prevent patients from being hurt. They are the safety net, not the cause of injury.”
- Berwick DM. Crossing the quality chasm: health care for the 21st century [presentation]. Quality in Healthcare 2002: Conference of the Canadian College of Health Service Executives; Toronto (ON); 2002 Feb 14-15.

Informed by the Mission, Vision and Values of Providence Health Care, and working closely with Pharmacy staff, Isabel supports professionals across the organization in meeting their professional standards and in their work, moving forward the strategic goals of the organization. Isabel works to ensure the structures, processes and resources are available so that staff can manage medications safely, effectively and efficiently, which allows them to provide individualized medication therapy most appropriate to patients within their care. Our accountability is demonstrated through achieving excellence in meeting the Accreditation Canada Managing Medications Standards.



Manu Gill

Practice Consultant: Nursing Scope of Practice, Clinical Workforce Optimization & Design

Manu assumed her role as the Practice Consultant for Nursing Scope in June 2023. Her clinical experience is varied; Manu started her nursing career at PHC in 2008 in acute med-surg and high-acuity. She has also worked in IHA in community nursing, as well as at VCH in the perioperative suites and most recently at BCIT.

In her current role as the Practice Consultant for Scope of Practice, Manu actively collaborates with local, regional, and provincial stakeholders. Her primary objective is to ensure that nurses and other healthcare professionals comprehend and uphold professional practice standards, thereby facilitating the delivery of safe and ethical patient care. Manu's approach involves the integration of interdisciplinary perspectives and the application of evidence-based principles to enhance practice and inform healthcare decision-making.

As a dedicated member of the Professional Practice team, Manu is committed to contributing to various projects throughout the organization. Her overarching goal is to support leaders and teams in their efforts to provide exceptional care and achieve excellence in practice.



Astrid Westervelt

Practice Consultant: Standards of Practice, Documentation and Clinical Informatics

Astrid has been with Providence Health Care for many years, working as a staff nurse, Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Educator and Clinical Informatics Specialist. As a Practice Consultant, Astrid works collaboratively with the Professional Practice Office team and clinicians throughout PHC on many practice improvement projects. Her portfolio includes documentation (paper and Cerner/FormFast), evidence based best practice standards, clinical informatics and information resources for clinicians




Jaki Thornhill

Patient Care Manager: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech-Language Pathology

Jaki completed her BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health at the University of British Columbia in 2009, joining the PHC Clinical Nutrition department shortly after. In 2015, she completed a Masters in Health Administration at UBC.  Previously in the PPL role for Clinical Nutrition, Jaki joined the Professional Practice Office in the Patient Care Manager role in 2022.