Practice Consultants & Patient Care Manager

Julie Carleton

Practice Consultant: Education Strategy

"The two words information" and "communication" are often used interchangeably but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through."  - Sydney Harris

Julie has been with Providence Health Care in a variety of professional nursing roles including Staff Nurse, Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Educator, and Patient Care Manager. As the Practice Consultant for Informatics, Julie is part of a team who are accountable for the quality and outcomes of education programs offered to employees at Providence Health Care (PHC). Examples of these programs include; staff orientation; nursing skills lab; simulation and educator pathway program. The Education Strategist also assists in the design, delivery and evaluation of nursing practice changes, changes to a existing nursing practice standard, and assisting with future educational strategies such as building capacity in simulation; informatics competencies for staff and working on the regional clinical system transformational learning advisory group.


Sandra Squire

Practice Consultant: Interdisciplinary Practice

Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro

“I support interdisciplinary practice, collaboration between clinicians, learners, patients, clients, families and communities with the goal to optimize and provide best patient and family centered care.”

Sandra has been part of the Providence Health care since 1992. She received her Bachelor of Science degree, Physiotherapy in 1992 and her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science in 2015 from UBC. She has worked at St. Paul’s since 1992 with a primary clinical focus working with the BC Bleeding Disorder Program. Her principal research was studying the perspectives of patients with hemophilia on the use of point-of-care ultrasound for managing joint and muscle bleeds. Sandra has provided clinical, practice and research support to PHC physiotherapists.

Sandra’s current portfolio will include providing support for the implementation of CST to physicians, students and allied health. She will review and provide oversight of the orientation programs for nurses, as well as the Employed Student Nurse and New Grad Programs. Plus, oversee clinical practice education for nursing and allied health.

She will be involved in a variety of projects across the organization supporting the PHC Mission to provide excellence in Interdisciplinary practice standards and safe, quality patient care.



Kate McNamee

Practice Consultant: Patient and Family Centred Care

 “I am passionate about patient- and family-centred care because it lets us collaborate directly with the people we serve to effect change in health care.”

Kate has worked at PHC since coming to St. Paul’s Hospital in 2002 to work as an RN on the HIV/AIDS unit. In 2005 she moved into the Palliative Care Program and worked as an Advanced Practice Nurse with the Palliative Outreach & Consult Team across all PHC sites. Kate earned her BSN in 2002 and MSN in 2013 from UBC. Her academic focus was in clinical nursing and clinician involvement in ‘goals of care’ conversations.

Kate is the leader for the Care Experience strategic direction which is the key avenue for bringing patient- and family-centred care into all of the work done at Providence Health Care. She is responsible for ensuring patients, residents and families experience culturally safe, socially just, patient and family centred care across the organization. This work aims to create mutually beneficial partnerships between care providers, and patients, residents, and families. This approach has been shown to lead to better health outcomes and greater patient, resident and family experience.

Kate is on a temporary reassignment.

Interim contact is Hannah Tighe


Isabel Diogo

Practice Consultant: Medication Safety and Pharmacy Nursing

“Technically the biggest safety system in health care is the minds and hearts of the workers who keep intercepting the flaws in the system and prevent patients from being hurt. They are the safety net, not the cause of injury.”
- Berwick DM. Crossing the quality chasm: health care for the 21st century [presentation]. Quality in Healthcare 2002: Conference of the Canadian College of Health Service Executives; Toronto (ON); 2002 Feb 14-15.

Informed by the Mission, Vision and Values of Providence Health Care, and working closely with Pharmacy staff, Isabel supports professionals across the organization in meeting their professional standards and in their work, moving forward the strategic goals of the organization. Isabel works to ensure the structures, processes and resources are available so that staff can manage medications safely, effectively and efficiently, which allows them to provide individualized medication therapy most appropriate to patients within their care. Our accountability is demonstrated through achieving excellence in meeting the Accreditation Canada Managing Medications Standards.



Angela Russolillo

Practice Consultant: Scope of Practice

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Benjamin Franklin

 Angela has been with Providence Health Care since 2017 working within the Mental Health Program.  She has over a decade of experience in acute, emergency, and outpatient settings since starting her nursing career in 2009. Angela is a very dedicated, committed nurse with a drive for learning and interest in improving health care. She positions herself as a leader of evidence-based practice, change and interdisciplinary research and knowledge translation and has been involved with and/or led numerous research studies in the area of mental health. She has completed a Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing, and an MSc and PhD in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

 As the Practice Consultant for Scope of Practice, Angela collaborates with local, regional and provincial stakeholders to ensure nurses and other health professionals understand and maintain professional practice standards which promote the provision of safe and ethical patient care. She applies an interdisciplinary approach and evidence-based lens to improve practice and support healthcare decision making. As a member of the Professional Practice team, Angela will be involved in variety of projects across the organization with the aim of supporting leaders and teams to provide exceptional care and excellence in practice.

Angela is on a temporary reassignment.

Interim contact is Kelly Lee


Kelly Lee

Practice Consultant: Clinical Informatics and Professional Practice Standards

"The two words information" and "communication" are often used interchangeably but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through."  - Sydney Harris

Kelly has been with Providence Health Care in a variety of of professional nursing roles including Staff Nurse, Clinical Nurse Leader, and Patient Care Manager. As the Practice Consultant for Informatics, Kelly works in partnership with IMITS to ensure information systems support clinicians in the provision of optimal care to patients and families. She also supports the Clinical and System Transformation (CST) Project and facilitates the development and integration of a new information system processes to enhance communication and access to patient care and information.  As part of the professional practice team, Kelly uses a best practice lens to lead current electronic and paper information systems to support clinicians to provide best care

Kelly is on a temporary reassignment.

Interim contact is Astrid Westervelt



Astrid Westervelt

Practice Consultant: Standards of Practice and Documentation

Astrid has been with Providence Health Care for many years, working as a staff nurse, Clinical Nurse Leader, Nurse Educator and Clinical Informatics Specialist. As a Practice Consultant, Astrid works collaboratively with the Professional Practice Office team and clinicians throughout PHC on many practice improvement projects. Her portfolio includes documentation (paper and Cerner/FormFast), evidence based best practice standards, clinical informatics and information resouces for clinicians




Indershini Pillay

Patient Care Manager: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech-Language Pathology

Indershini completed a BA in Sociology/Psychology in Alberta followed by a Master of Science, Communication Disorders and Sciences in Oregon. She jointed PHC in 1998 and became Professional Practice Leader for SLP in 2003, leading a team of very committed, flexible speech and language professionals. 

Indershini is a visionary,competent and person and family centred leader who loves data and uses it to meet and improve the care of the people she serves.