Research Publications from the Professional Practice Office

Working with colleagues from across PHC and academia, the Professional Practice Office has published research papers in their fields of interest. Some recent publications include:

Black, A, Strain, K, Wallsworth, C, Charlton, S, Chang, W, McNamee, K, Hamilton, C. (2018). What Constitutes Meaningful Engagement for Patients and Families as Partners on Research Teams? Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. Vol. 23(3) 158–167.

Frisch, N., Atherton, P., Borycki, E., Michelson, G., Black, A., Novak Lauscher, H., Cordeiro, J. (2017). Expanding the Reach of Continuing Educational Offerings Through a Web-Based Virtual Network: The Experience of InspireNet. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics: Vol 234.

Black, A, Bungay, V, Mackay, M, Balneaves, L, Garossino, C. (2016). Understanding Mentorship in a Research Training Program for Point-of-Care Clinicians.  Journal of Nursing Administration: 46(9).

Johnson F, Black AT, Koh JC. Practice-based research program promotes dietitians’ participation in research. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 2016; 77(1): 43-6.

Charlton S, Parsons S, Strain K, Black AT, Garossino C, Heppell L. Patient and family partner involvement in staff interviews: designing, implementing, and evaluating a new hiring process. Patient Experience Journal 2015; 2(2): 23-30.

Black A, Balneaves L, Garossino C, Puyat J, Qian H. Promoting evidence-based practice through a research training program for point-of-care clinicians. Journal of Nursing Administration 2015; 45(1): 14-20.

Black A, Balneaves L, Garossino C. The Practice-based Research Challenge at Providence Health Care. The Canadian Nurse 2014; 110(3): 18-20.

Frisch N, Atherton P, Borycki E, Mickelson G, Cordeiro J, Novak Lauscher H, Black A. Growing a professional network: from zero to over 3,000 members in less than 4 years – the experience of InspireNet, British Columbia’s virtual nursing health services research network. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2014; 16(2): e49.

Plamondon K, Ronquillo C, Axen L, Black A, Cummings L, Chakraborty B. Bridging research and practice through the Nursing Research Facilitator Program in British Columbia. Nursing Leadership 2014; 26(4): 32-43.

Black A, Clauson M, Fraser S. Nursing Education and Research Rounds: evaluation of a webinar-based education strategy to engage nurses and support practice. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development 2013; 29(5): 249-54.