Knowledge Translation Challenge

Knowledge translation

... the art and science of moving evidence into health care policy and practice.


The Knowledge Translation (KT) Challenge is designed to support teams of PHC and VCH clinicians who many not have much KT expertise but are responsible for moving evidence into practice. Successful applications to the KT Challenge will receive funding (up to $5,000) and training learn the basics of knowledge translation and to support a KT initiative. 

For further information on the KT Challenge, please read the documents below. 


KT Challenge 2020 - Guidelines

KT Challenge 2020 - Letter of Intent (LOI)

KT Challenge 2020 - Application Instructions

KT Challenge 2020 - Application Form 

  • LOI due October 22, 2020
  • Application due April 22, 2021


Is your project a KT Challenge or Research Challenge project?

KT Challenge - Calling All Mentors!


2016 KT Challenge - PHC Projects

Two teams from PHC moved forward with their KT Challenge projects ...

  • Screening for Psychological Distress in the Cardiac Setting
  • Screening for Malnutrition


2017 KT Challenge - PHC Projects

Five PHC teams moved forward with their KT Challenge projects ...

  • Implementation of a Clinical Tool Kit for Care of Patients on Clozapine in Acute Inpatient Psychiatry**
  • Increase OTs’ abilities to offer Functional Electrical Stimulation for Stroke Patients
  • Exercise Intervention to improve Cognition in Geriatric Patients with Dementia
  • Protocol for family presence during resuscitation attempts  in the Emergency Departments  and the Intensive Care Unit  at PHC
  • Communication for Ventilated Patients in the ICU**


2018 KT Challenge - PHC Projects

Two PHC teams moved forward with their KT Challenge projects ...

  • Expand the use of sustained release oral dexamphetamine, as treatment for stimulant use disorder among patients receiving injectable opioid agonist treatment
  • Development of an online training module to inform clinicians about the Mental Health Act**


2019 KT Challenge - PHC Project

  • Implementation of harm reduction best practices in acute psychiatry


** Jointly funded by PHC and VCHA