2017 Research Challenge

Twenty teams of point-of-care staff submitted proposals to the 2017 Research Challenge. Of these excellent submissions, 12 were funded.


2017 Research Challenge Funded Projects

  • Understanding the impact of patient engagement on personal recovery for youth with lived experience of mental illness (winner of the Patient and Family Centred Care award for Research Challenge 2017)
  • Assessment of HeALth Literacy on Medication AdheRence and graft outcomes in Kidney transplant recipients (HALLMARK)
  • What are the effects of Nordic walking exercise on quality of life and fitness in renal transplant patients?
  • The impact of a Serious Illness Conversation Guide training workshop for nurses in the Intensive Care Unit: a randomized control trial feasibility study
  • Determining the prevalence and incidence of pressure ulcers in St. Paul's Hospital Intensive Care Unit
  • An observational study to examine the effectiveness, incidence and characteristics of adverse events of the nasal bridle system in high risk ICU patients
  • Expanding the scope of contingency management: feasibility and efficacy for stimulant use reduction in hospital settings
  • Exploring the experience of inpatients with severe alcohol use disorder on a managed alcohol program (MAP) at St. Paul’s Hospital
  • How do highly sensitized patients describe their experience with being on the heart transplant wait list?
  • Assessing the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of Kidney Care Clinic staff about kidney transplantation before and after a multi-pronged education program
  • Investigating the influence of nurse personality factors in arteriovenous fistula cannulation
  • Examining the impact of a ROTEM-based transfusion algorithm in cardiac surgery at St. Paul's Hospital