KT Challenge Funded Projects

** Jointly funded by PHC and VCHA


2020-21 KT Challenge - PHC Projects

  • Implementation of transitional care model to address the educational needs of new hemodialysis patients
  • Implementation of a Pharmacy-led decision support tool to optimize heart failure prescribing
  • Exploring Indigenous menu options at PHC
  • Enhanced trauma screening at Foundry-Granville
  • Helping PHC Staff make better infection prevention decisions in their practice


2019 KT Challenge - PHC Project

  • Implementation of harm reduction best practices in acute psychiatry


2018 KT Challenge - PHC & Joint PHC/VCH Projects

  • Expand the use of sustained release oral dexamphetamine, as treatment for stimulant use disorder among patients receiving injectable opioid agonist treatment
  • Development of an online training module to inform clinicians about the Mental Health Act**


2017 KT Challenge - PHC & Joint PHC/VCH Projects

  • Implementation of a Clinical Tool Kit for Care of Patients on Clozapine in Acute Inpatient Psychiatry**
  • Increase OTs’ abilities to offer Functional Electrical Stimulation for Stroke Patients
  • Exercise Intervention to improve Cognition in Geriatric Patients with Dementia
  • Protocol for family presence during resuscitation attempts  in the Emergency Departments  and the Intensive Care Unit  at PHC
  • Communication for Ventilated Patients in the ICU**


2016 KT Challenge - PHC Projects

  • Screening for Psychological Distress in the Cardiac Setting
  • Screening for Malnutrition